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My name is Chelsea (Yao) Xu (She /Her). I am a hybrid designer who is endlessly curious and thoughtfully creative. I entered the field of UX design as an architect and urban planner. Through my 7 years of architectural design experience and 3 years experience of Human Computer Interaction(HCI) as a UX designer, I developed a user first mentality that propels me to tackle complex design challenges. I find great joy in learning new technical domain and can quickly dive in using human centered research to distill insights behind user’s behavior and provide design solutions. I value people’s desires and needs, I emphasize functionality and aesthetics, as both of them are indispensable the sources of my ideas.

I also express my creativity through cooking and photography. Outside of design you can find me cooking in my kitchen, taking photographs of my food and my cat.  

I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate or have a great conversation.
Reach me at: chelseaxudesign@gmail.com

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